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Once upon a time, I had it in my mind that I was an expert travel packer, having been a traveller since the age of 19 years old, schlepping bags all over the world. That is, until my last trip to the great city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to attend my nephew’s wedding.

On this trip, I thought I was being smart by packing a simple black dress. Upon unpacking, I discovered I brought the same simple black dress I wore to my other nephew’s wedding. Not only that, I doubled the number of shoes I needed for the weekend, and forgot my toothbrush.

So much for being an expert.

“On your trip you’ll meet two kinds of travelers: those who pack light and those who wish they had.” ~ Rick Steves, travel expert

Here’s a roundup of what travel experts are advising for packing for trips.

1o packing tips from a travel pro for a best-case scenario, Tara Donaldson, CNN

7 things that make packing easier, according to travel experts, by Rosie Fitzmaurice, Business Insider

10 Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know, by Caroline Costello, Smarter Travel for USA Today

Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Bag, by Rick Steves

Packing List for Women, by Joan Robinson at Rick Steves

60 Packing Tips (a collection from experts), by Travel Fashion Girl

15 Smart Ways to Achieve Packing Perfection, by Kris Wetherbee, Woman’s Day

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