Whitney Wilson

Fundraiser, John Howard Society of Toronto

Topics: Health & Fitness and Social Activism
Interview Date: Sept-19-2013
Extraordinary Insights:

A social worker by profession and a “Jill-of-all-trades” by experience, Whitney joined the John Howard Society of Toronto (JHS) in 2012, to support the organization’s goal to help rehabilitate men in conflict with the law and support community re-integration. Shortly after taking on the role, Whitney was tasked with an intriguing challenge: adding a new job title—continuing her role as a facilitator for rehabilitation groups and meeting the organization’s resource needs as a fundraiser.

Her most recent fundraising project straddles these two aims aptly. Working with community partners and donors Wilson has revitalized Freeing the Human Spirit, a program started nearly 10 years ago by Sister Elaine MacInnes. In 2004, after becoming a Zen Master in Japan and learning the art of meditation and yoga,  Sister MacInnes went on to teach tortured prisoners in the Philippines. With Whitney’s stewardship, Freeing the Human Spirit has received immense support from yoga teachers across the country who volunteer their time to teach the practice, and similarly, the positive impact that yoga and meditation have had on clients of the John Howard Society. [https://www.johnhowardtor.on.ca/]