Trey Anthony dreams a bigger dream [video]

Trey Anthony is the creator and star of the ground-breaking production, ‘da Kink in My Hair, which had its start on the stage and later debuted in 2007 on Global Television – and has touched many women’s lives. She is the first Black woman to write and produce a television show on a prime time network in Canada — and her trailblazing ways have not stopped there.

Anthony started out as a stand-up comedian, though she felt boxed-in and typecast with the roles she was getting. She wanted to see Black women, especially, portrayed on stage in a more authentic light. All the while, churning deep inside of her was the need to write her truth. And so, she launched what would become a remarkable career telling women’s stories that are relatable, one of the ingredients that has made her productions successful.

“I do it even if I’m scared,” says Anthony through a warm, generous smile. “Someone’s got to do it, so why not me?”

The Toronto-based, vivacious producer is currently working on an exciting theatrical project of ‘da Kink in My Hair in Atlanta, which promises a star-studded line-up. Anthony’s dream is to tour the production across North America and, eventually, bring it to Broadway. For any naysayers out there, just watch her go. Because let me tell you that I had the privilege of being a guest panelist at one of her events — the Millionaire Artist Workshop – that she conducts to help motivate people to make their dreams happen – and she sure lit fires underneath butts. Including mine.

So what is the secret to her success?

“Dream beyond your circumstances,” adds Anthony. “You should never feel that you need to have everything in place before you start living your dream. Start where you are at. Begin it — that’s the only way things can move forward, if you dream way beyond your circumstances. Dream something bigger for yourself.”

For the girl who grew up feeling awkward, not popular, not good enough or supported enough, Anthony has come a long way from her humble Rexdale housing roots. Today, as a playwright, producer, speaker and actress, who is dedicated to mentoring others through her coaching and talks, she dreams a bigger dream.

To discover more, I invite you to watch my interview with Trey Anthony on my show Extraordinary Women TV (below):