Tina Petrova

Filmmaker, Speaker

Topics: Arts & Entertainment, Health
Interview Date: Sept-19-2013
Extraordinary Insights: "Don't listen to the outside world because miracles happen and the help you need always comes. I'm living proof of that.”

Tina Petrova is an award winning actress, writer and producer/director. Her break out short film "The Lost Years" (1993) garnered nationwide interest after being honoured by the Golden Sheath Awards. She was later invited to study at the Canadian Film Centre (1994) founded by Academy Award Winner Norman Jewison. Her feature directorial debut, "Rumi-Turning Ecstatic" ( 2007),  an autobiographical piece celebrating the life and works of  13th. C.  Sufi Mystic  RUMI-  received its World Premiere on VISION TV. It has played in 18 countries to date and been translated into 3 languages. Tina has spoken at the United Nations, for TED X Youth. Based in Toronto, she spends her time writing, motivational speaking and is a leading advocate and activist on the issue of Chronic Pain. Her autobiography “ Dancing in the Fire”  is set to publish Fall 2013. [https://www.tinapetrova.com]