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Interview Date: Nov-19-2013
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Tajja Isen is a singer-songwriter/pianist and voice actor, whose jazzy pop songs combine the lyricism of Joni Mitchell with the soul of Stevie Wonder and the melodic sensibility of Sir Elton John. Her voice-over career spans twelve years and several awards, including lead roles as Sister Bear in The Berenstain Bears, Jane in Jane and the Dragon, Nessa in My Big Big Friend, and a Gemini Award-winning turn as Betty in Atomic Betty. The show’s spinoff soundtrack featured Tajja as lead vocalist, and was released by KOCH Records, with the single reaching #1 on the XM Radio Kids Chart.

Throughout the success of Betty, Tajja had begun composing her own songs, and was keen to launch as a solo artist. By 2009, her demos attracted the attention of two acclaimed British producers: Jon Kelly (Kate Bush, Tori Amos) and Paul “Wix” Wickens (Sir Paul McCartney’s keyboardist/musical director). The duo spent six weeks in London with Tajja, producing an album. The time spent learning from such masters inspired Tajja to self-produce some of her new material in Toronto. For the sessions, she singlehandedly arranged and charted her songs for some of the top studio musicians in the city, including a string quartet from the TSO. Presently, Tajja is preparing to record her full-length debut album. Having graduated with high distinction from Victoria College at the University of Toronto, Tajja is currently pursuing music and has become a regular on the Toronto gig circuit.

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May 02 2014

Tajja Isen

Tajja Isen interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner Singer/Voice Actor, Tajja Isen, chats about her journey from being the voice of Atomic Betty and other popular animated characters in TV series for kids, to her rising career as a singer.