Shauna Ireland

Shauna Ireland PR

Topics: Beauty, Fashion, Business
Interview Date: May-14-2013
Extraordinary Insights: Be authentic. There is only one you. Everyone is in this world to do something. And so, figure out what that is, and work with someone to figure it out if you need to.

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Align and Shine. That is Shauna Ireland. She aligns her skills in publicity, writing, and event planning with fitness expertise to shine for her health, wellness, fashion  and beauty clients.  She also has a gift with aligning people and organizations together to create shining projects. Shauna Ireland offers an evolved alternative to traditional Public Relations. Shauna is a Creative Concept Specialist. Her boutique agency, specializes in publicity projects, media relations, creative brand alignment, strategic partnerships, business development, and special events. She uses PR to communicate her clientʼs message, build a strong image, motivate desired behavior, and generate profit. Traditional PR tools and techniques are the foundation of Shaunaʼs strategies, combined with a unique emphasis on collaboration over competition. Shaunaʼs clients are family; she wants them to succeed. She creates success by determining industry niches and cultivating partnerships, bringing individuals and businesses together. The results: aligned pioneer industry awareness and progress, while each client shines individually. Miss Ireland realized the concept of ALIGN AND SHINE through her life experience working as a fashion stylist, event planner, entertainment and art promoter, publicist, choreographer, fashion designer, copywriter, yoga instructor. Projects took her to Miami, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Istanbul, and Buenos Aires.  Simply stated: Shauna creates concepts and executes them with style. An ambassador of nutrition and a proponent of all things organic, Shauna incorporates health and wellness into her professional approach creating “holistic” relationships. []