Sarah Fisher


Topics: Arts & Entertainment
Interview Date: July 19, 2014
Extraordinary Insights: "Just do it, it's so worth it. Believe in yourself; keep working at it; follow your dreams; be true to yourself."

Sarah Fisher is an actress, model and classically trained singer-songwriter. Born in Ottawa, raised in Toronto, Canada Sarah performed extensively throughout her childhood and teens in choirs, musical theatre, festivals, and competitions. Today she sings a wide variety of musical genres including pop, opera, jazz and musical theatre, combining these musical influences her own musical style has been coined as "Popera". Kim Briggs has classically trained Sarah for over six years. Sarah has also trained with Elaine Overholt for the past seven years to develop natural talent, perfect her vocal range and enhance her performance technique. Sarah has grown from being one of Elaine's students into a teacher for Elaine's Big Voice Glee Class, a role that Sarah finds very rewarding. Sarah's desire to broaden her talent on-stage led her from singing to acting and after just four months of acting classes, she auditioned for the cast of the critically acclaimed show Degrassi. Almost immediately, the casting directors were drawn to her look of innocence which perfectly fit her character and she is now in her third season as series regular, Becky Baker. Degrassi has been a supporter of Sarah's whole career and has featured her music on the show. Degrassi will be using one of Sarah's original songs in Season 14 and Sarah looks forward to sharing both of her passions with her devoted fans. In the summer of 2013 Sarah joined the cast in Ghana for a Free The Children Project which changed her life forever. During the 2014 Degrassi summer hiatus, Sarah played a role in the movie Lost After Dark, a feature length horror film that recently debuted in the UK. Very recently she played a lead role in the film Full Out which will be released in 2015. Sarah thoroughly enjoys the music writing process and while she composes her own songs, she also she also enjoys collaboration and has co-written with many artists namely Jeff Eden, David Fischer, Derek Hoffman, Chris Stylez, Dan Smith and Marcus Kane. She is currently recording music for her first album. When she is not filming, Sarah is either working on new music, performing, modelling for Elite Models International, speaking at local schools, teaching voice lessons or giving back to her community. She is dedicated to helping young people achieve their true potential.