Sandra Abballe

Owner & Chocolatier, Succulent Chocolates and Sweets Inc.

Topics: Business
Interview Date: July-31-2013
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Since a young age, Sandra knew her hands were meant to be in chocolate. Growing up in an Italian home, food was always the centerpiece. After completing her Bachelor’s of Technology in Graphic Communications Management, Sandra decided to go into the profession she has always dreamed of. She worked at Dolcini by Joseph, under the direction of Chef Joseph Montinaro for eight months. From there, she moved to Chicago to attend the acclaimed French Pastry School, where she studied under chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer, Joshua Jackson and Della Gossett. In her six-month intensive, “L’Art de Patisserie” course she built a solid foundation in all aspects of pastry ranging from bread to chocolate. Upon returning to Toronto, Sandra continued to build upon the pastry line at Dolcini By Joseph. She started to focus her passion and drive into chocolate when she was chosen to compete in the World Chocolate Masters Canadian Preselection in January 2013. After months of preparation, her hard work paid off as she was awarded the great honor of “Best Molded Bon Bon in Canada". Sandra is the owner and head Chocolatier of Succulent Chocolates and Sweets Inc. Her passion and enthusiasm is displayed in her work, as she is always striving to learn new techniques and to develop unique flavour profiles.