Rose Barroso

Founder, Barroso Homes

Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Design
Interview Date: Sept-30-2013
Extraordinary Insights: Everybody that's in business needs to be dedicated and passionate.

Nearly a decade ago, Rose Barroso and her growing family began looking for a new home.  When she and her husband’s exhaustive search found nothing suitable, she turned the disappointment into an opportunity: she built one herself. “I had such an amazing time developing that first property,”  recalls Rose.
“Of course, as soon as we moved in, someone knocked on the door and asked if they could buy our house!”  And with that, Barroso Homes was born. [].

Rose Barroso: Blog

Feb 03 2014

Rose Barroso

Rose Barroso interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner Founder, Barroso Homes, Rose Barroso is a women heading up a successful business in a male-dominated industry. It all began when she left her job as a flight attendant and wanted to design a home that was suitable for her family.