Robyn Dell’Unto

Singer/songwriter & producer

Topics: Arts & Entertainment
Interview Date: Jan-21-2014
Extraordinary Insights: You can absolutely learn any skill if you put your mind to it.

Robyn Dell’Unto’s sophomore album, Little Lines, is playful and sweet sounding but her words have a strength and maturity of a young woman who isn’t going to wallow in self-pity if things don’t go her way. If she’s not enjoying being in love, then she’s moving on. The emerging singer-songwriter and producer, who picked up fans around the world on her 2010 debut album, I’m Here Every Night, is “really turned on by the ‘beauty in disaster’ perspective, maybe even more so by ‘disaster in beauty,’” she says. ”Of course, it's easy to find inspiration in relationships because no two are ever the same.” The first single/video, “Pretty Girls,” with its poppy fist-pumping “Yeah!” refrain, is a headstrong yet vulnerable message to an ex. “If you want me back, say ‘I was wrong,’” she sings, followed by “don’t say I’m emotional” and “tell me everything I don’t wanna know.” And if he doesn’t abide, you got a feeling she’ll be okay. []