Randi Goodman

Producer, Toronto Women's Expo

Topics: Business
Interview Date: October-09-2012
Extraordinary Insights: "Build strong relationships. If you want to have the right people around you and to be able to help the right people, and get the right resources you need to go forward in life and to help others, it is imperative that you build really strong relationships."

Audio-only version:

Randi Goodman is a connector who uses trade shows as a major source of bringing people together face-to-face. Randi has an interest in helping women get much needed ‘me’ time and focus on their needs, whether it is for personal reasons or for business. Randi's first business was a bed manufacturing company. Since she turned her attention to producing events, Randi has produced many charity galas as well as school fun fairs, and has taken those experiences to the business world, where she is most comfortable. She also ha few B2B events that were successful under her belt,  as well as women-focused and real estate events behind her. She is dedicated to making a difference by expanding and growing this empowering women’s expo. Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner is a proud media partner of Toronto Women's Expo!