Premier Kathleen Wynne shines a bright light for women in Ontario, Canada

Athough she isn’t a newcomer to leading the Ontario Liberals, the fact that Premier Kathleen Wynne, a woman — and a gay woman at that — was elected last night by the people of Ontario to lead the government (for four more years) is not only historical, it speaks volumes of opportunity for women in Canada. It was the choice of voters, and it makes me feel proud to be a Canadian, an Ontarian and a woman. I am so, so grateful to live in a country where women can own property, own businesses and have careers, choose who they marry (or not), choose to divorce, and run for public office — and lead a government.

Anyone can be a premier. — Premier Kathleen Wynne

During her victory speech, Premier Wynne’s energy was bright, and her personable and likeable personality came through loud and clear, which is one of the reasons the people elected her. When she told the crowd of party supporters, “Anyone can be a premier,” what she was really saying is ‘you can be a woman – and who cares about your sexual orientation – and have all that it takes to be a leader.’ As the first female premier of Ontario, and the first openly gay person to lead a government in this country, she is a remarkable role model for women and men.

Of course, not to neglect Andrea Horwath, leader of the Ontario NDP, who also shone brightly and deserves to be honoured. They are two strong female leaders who have worked hard to become the women and leaders that they have turned out to be, and both are doing good things for the people of Ontario, and ultimately, Canada.

Congratulations, Premier Kathleen Wynne, for shining your trailblazing light brightly for other women to “see.”

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