Patricia Bebia Mawa

TV Host, Producer & President, Planet Africa Group

Topics: Media Personalities, Business
Interview Date: April-09-2013
Extraordinary Insights: Be persistent, have faith and be postive. Don't give up on your dream if someone has said 'no' to you or your're not good enough. You can do it if you're persistent. You will go to the top!

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Patricia Bebia Mawa is the Host and Producer of Planet Africa Television, a weekly television series that is broadcast across Canada on OMNI Television, and is syndicated to Europe and Africa. She is also the Managing Editor of the Planet Africa Magazine, a publication on newsstands in Canada and the United States. In addition, Patricia serves as Producer of Arise on CTS Television and Destiny Television on Grace TV.

Patricia was the production coordinator for “The Routes of Freedom,” a documentary film produced for the Government of Ontario by Planet Africa to commemorate the 200th year of the Abolition of the British Slave trade Act. She is also the producer of the biography series; ‘The Luminaries.” Prior to coming to Canada, Patricia was the Host of "Lunch Date" a daily talk show, and “Thinking About You” on DBN Television in Lagos, Nigeria.

Listed in the Who’s Who in Black Canada, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a Multimedia diploma from Algonquin College of Science and Technology Ottawa, Canada. Patricia is a sought after speaker and event host.