New Year’s Eve alternatives for party poopers (like me)

New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular nights during the year to go out with loved ones to party, have a nice dinner, or do something else that is fun, like skating if you’re Canadian. But unlike many people, I don’t like New Year’s Eve. I never have. I’m a New Year’s Eve party-pooper. I don’t even have a clear explanation about why I don’t like it — I just don’t. Perhaps it is the pressure to do something and have fun, or an aversion to the hype. How many times in the days leading up to NYE does someone ask you what your plans are? Furthermore, I find the theme song Auld Lang Syne, a poem written by the Scotsman Robert Burns, sad and depressing, and it sets the stage for my mood this time of year.

So instead of going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, I prefer to stay home and work on my dream for the following year – and beyond. Rather than making New Year’s resolutions, I prefer to create a theme to live my life by for the following year. Some of my themes in the past have included more travel, spending more quality time with loved ones,  get paid to do what I love, and, in 2013, it was innovation. This past year, it was to have more fun, which is exactly what I did in Geneva, Switzerland earlier this month.


(Tasting delicious food and wine at the chic Le Flacon restaurant, Geneva, Switzerland. CHEERS!)

At the end of the year, I don’t look back and ask myself if it was a success or not. There will always be ups and downs, good and bad. Instead, I reflect back and ask myself: Did I evolve? Did I take steps toward my dreams? And did I make a positive difference in the lives of others?

If I can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then I am a better person for it.

If you, too, are a party-pooper wanting to skip out on the New Year’s Eve hype, here are some ideas of what you can do tonight to honour the occasion — and yourself:

1. Make a vision board: even if you have one, this is a good time to refresh your vision board. Put some music on, grab a few magazines, and cut out the images that are inspiring to you and make a board using them. Or if you are digitally-inclined, use Google for your images and make a digital one using a software program.

2. Make a life plan: business plans are important, but so is planning for your life – a holistic plan of what you want your life to look life. Using the 7 areas of life — Career, Financial, Mental, Social, Physical, Spiritual and Family — write down in each category what you would like to accomplish this year — and beyond.

3. Watch an uplifting film or documentary: whether you are alone or with loved ones, make a conscious choice to watch a movie that will inspire you or motivate you to follow your dreams and passions, and make you a better person overall.

4. Start developing a new talent: now would be a great time to take steps on learning a new talent that you have been dreaming of, whether it is playing the guitar, writing a song, or learning how to cook. I signed up for a “wine specialist” course!

5. Relax: do whatever you love to do to simply relax and chill. Have a glass of wine and soak in the bathtub. Meditate. Do Yoga. Write in your journal. Do what you love that calms your mind and relaxes your body.

6. Plan Your Travels: where in the world would you like to travel to next? Use this time to do your research and plan your next trip – or many trips. My last trip to Geneva has me inspired and motivated, and excited for what is to come in 2015.

Tonight, I will be doing a bit of all of the above. Here’s to an inspired 2015!

I would love to hear from you about how you plan on spending the occasion. Tweet to me at: Shannon_Skinner.


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