Mystery Ninja note writer wants YOU to have a great day — pass it on!

On a walk at the park with my dog, Bob, I came across a small piece of crumpled paper. What at first glance looked like garbage, I picked up the paper, and unwrapped what was a hand-written note. I was curious, but hesitant, to read it because the last time I found a note on the ground, it was a love letter (for lack of a better description) from a young guy in jail pleading his love to his girlfriend and asking her to wait for him.  I felt as though I was intruding — or maybe even stumbled upon a secret code by a gang member that might cause me to be shot at any moment.

But this time it was different.

THIS mysterious note writer, who refers to himself or herself as “Mystery Ninja Note Writer,” addresses the reader with “To You.” The mysterious note writer says that “you are the boss of your great day — so make it good, make it great, and make it your best day yet!” And with a kind gesture, THIS note writer reaffirms that the reader is either “beautiful or handsome.”  And THIS note writer provides a pay-it-forward message: “Please read, take a pic, pass it on or keep it,”  which inspired me to do just that.

So, I took a picture and I’m passing it along “To You.”

Have a great day — and pass it on!

please readTo You