Morwenna Given

Medical Herbalist

Topics: Health & Fitness
Interview Date: August-02- 2011
Extraordinary Insights: Sugar is a leading contributor to cancer.

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Morwenna Given is a medical herbalist. She was trained in the UK as a Medical Herbalist (BSC) and established a clinical practise in UK and Canada; now solely in Canada.
What is a Medical Herbalist ? It is the oldest form of medicine known to mankind with proven efficacy and superior to many orthodox drugs The first 3yrs are spent training in the same way as a conventional physician with the same texts, examination procedures etc.; the second 3 yrs are spent learning pharmacology, biochemistry, phytochemistry and plant therapeutics including clinical time in hospitals, clinics etc. She treats any medical condition from constipation to cancer. Her focus, though, is on cancer and precancerous conditions, including diabetes.

Morwenna has unique insights into the failings of the current system of medicine ( OHIP ) and its causes.

Extraordinary Insights:

"Love what you do. That way, you can bring integrity and passion to what you d. It will get you through the long hours of work, such as in my case, it gets me through all the long hours of research because for every patient, I'm looking at least at weeks of research, making sure I'm up to date, and have the current things. By bringing passion and love to what you do, it gets transmitted to the patient and the patient finds the resources within themselves to deal with whatever it is they have to deal with."

According to Morwenna, sugar is one of the leading causes of cancer. Watch/listen to Shannon's interview with Morwenna.