Apr 07 2012

Monika Burwise

Co-Founder, Global Awakening Institute

Topics: Relationships, Health
Interview Date: February-21-2012
Extraordinary Insights: “The universe is in constant harmony. If we take a note of a symphony, it doesn’t have any meaning. Similarly, if we dissect our lives into a particular circumstance and look at that from close, it won’t make any sense. However, when we put those notes and circumstances together, we gain a bigger perspective. We are going to play the music and we will be in harmony. Then, we will find the meaning in our life.”

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Monika Burwise is an author, speaker, coach and consultant with a transformational leading edge message. She is considered a modern mystic. Monika has studied at the Wisdom University with spiritual masters and teachers like Jim Garrison, Caroline Myss, and Andrew Harvey, joining their research team exploring mystical secrets and ancient wisdom. She has also studied with a Tibetan Master and Buddhist teachers, exploring new levels of consciousness through practice of mindfulness and meditation. She empowers and inspires people all over the world through her wisdom and spiritual guidance. Since 2011 she has enjoyed the rare privilege of being the only new apprentice of Don Miquel Ruiz - Toltec shaman and healer from the Eagle Knight lineage, and author of 'the Four Agreements'. Monika and her husband Graham founded Global Awakening Institute as a platform for sharing their wisdom and to explore the boundaries of human potential.

Her journey has not been without challenges, two near fatal car accidents drastically changing the course of her life. The chronic pain resulting from a broken neck, post traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression were some of the toughest obstacles she had ever faced. Her recovery was long and painful, but her perseverance and determination to succeed enabled her to overcome these catastrophic challenges and fully regain her health.