Marsh Engle

Inspired Visionary, Feminine Success Coach & Transformational Journalist

Topics: Arts & Entertainment, Business & Finance, Relationships
Interview Date: April-12-2011
Extraordinary Insights: You can choose to re-define yourself.

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Internationally-acclaimed Inspired Visionary, Feminine Success Coach & Transformational Journalist, Marsh Engle, brings together thousands of women in programs designed to educate, inform and elevate creative success.  She is the founder of the growing global movement, Amazing Woman's Day. Through her acclaimed book AMAZING WOMAN “What’s Your Story?” Marsh shows women ways to discover the hidden power of their life purpose and ignite new level of authentic passion. Acknowledged as a distinctive authority in the fields of communications, brand enhancement and relationship marketing, Marsh has been nominated among the Power 100 Women in Entertainment and named among Who’s Who in American Women. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Marsh joined  me in the studio to talk about her book and Amazing Woman's Day Toronto. Extraordinary Insights: “Each moment, you can choose to redefine. So rather than choosing to define yourself by yesterday’s standards, let go of those and open up to receive a new definition of yourself. And take that inspired action, as the amazing woman you are. “The most important thing that we can remember is that each and everyone one of us has a incredible depth of talent and contribution to make, and many times, especially as women, we can get caught at looking at outside of ourselves to define ourselves by somebody else’s standards or the way somebody else’s doing it. I’d love to encourage each and everyone of us to dive deep into that creative calling that’s speaking to us individually, and in our own unique way find the courage and the confidence to bring that forth to share it with others. Because when you bring your best self to the table, it allows me to be inspired to do the same. That’s the most important thing we can remember right now as women.”