Sep 04 2012

Liliane de Vries

Founder, ALIVE

Topics: Health & Fitness, Business
Interview Date: August-14-2012
Extraordinary Insights: "Get rid of your limiting beliefs. Once that happens, you can plow away in life and start living an extraordinary life. That’s the ultimate piece, the one that takes you over the edge to the extraordinary.”

Audio-only version:

Liliane de Vries was born to help others create an extraordinary life for themselves and to help them bring life into a world of uncertainty. With a strong background in the health field, she is a life coach and keynote speaker, and is an influential role model for women everywhere. Currently, she is collaborating on a film called The Difference Movie.  She hold retreats to encourage men and women to get more 'aliveness' in their lives. She helps them to understand their true passions; purpose; values; and visions, and takes you on a journey of life changing experience that will give you clarity, confidence, and personal empowerment.  In this interview, Lilianne discusses how to have an extraordinary life.