Laura Berg

President, My Smart Hands

Topics: Business
Interview Date: July-31-2013
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Laura Berg is the President of My Smart Hands Inc, a company that teaches baby sign language and now boasts over 200 instructors worldwide. Her recently published book, The Baby Signing Bible (Avery/Penguin) has cemented her status as the go-to authority on Baby Sign Language.

Laura, a trained teacher, has spoken to audiences all over North America about how she was inspired to start her company so she could to stay home with her baby daughter and then watched in amazement as it morphed into a recognized brand worldwide. She’s still surprised at how quickly she was able to establish an international presence using YouTube and social media to showcase the program she created. Laura’s story delights, inspires and motivates . She’s a 21st. century everywoman who leveraged her personal expertise and the new media into a business so successful that she’s been compared to J.K. Rowling and Paula Dean.