Kristina Ejem

Founder, Girls Just Wanna Box

Topics: Woman to Watch special feature, Health & Fitness
Interview Date: aired April 2014
Extraordinary Insights: "Don't fear failure. Fear not having the opportunity to fail."

A native of Sudbury, Kristina Ejem is the managing director of Clancy’s Boxing Academy, and the founder of Girls Just Wanna Box.  While obtaining her honors degree at Guelph University in marketing management, Ejem continued to train hard for her first passion, boxing.  Efforts to make it in the sport she loved were stifled by coaches more interested in sensationalism than giving her the tools she needed.  Driven by this lack of support, Ejem set out to create a resource that both encourages and promotes female boxing in her GJWB.  Through her company K*Jem, Ejem consults on branding, marketing, sponsorship, and events.  This has led her to success in the world of corporate boxing, with Ejem event-producing the immensely popular Agency Wars.  Striving forwards as an entrepreneur through sheer fighting spirit makes Kristina Ejem a woman to watch.