Kristin Crowe

President, T.A.S. Communications/Alarm System/Falcon Security

Topics: Health & Fitness, Beauty & Fashion, Business
Interview Date: March-20-2012
Extraordinary Insights: “Live strong; strong in your body, working out, keeping fit. And be strong in your mind; do not allow the influences and the pressures of society take you down for what you believe in.”

Audio-only version:

Kristin Crowe is the President and a shareholder in her family’s businesses - T.A.S Communications, Quinte Kawartha Alarm Systems and Falcon Security. Kristin has a passion for life and healthy living. She loves to run, cycle and weight train for fitness. At 43 years of age, a few short weeks after having completed her first full marathon in Long Beach, California, Crowe received a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. In a truly inspiring story, Kristin shares with audiences how she relied on the love of her two boys, (Brady 13 and Colby 10), her love of sport and a staggering amount of courage in the face of uncertainty to not only fight cancer, but to raise thousands of dollars in the fight against cancer and to push her barely recovered body into the ride of her life through the mountains of Jasper with the world famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong. This is a story of love, courage, drive and healing.