Jan 16 2012

Owner, Small Wonders Pets/animal welfare advocate

Topics: Business & Finance, Relationships, Pets
Interview Date: December-06-2011
Extraordinary Insights: "Be transparent and be yourself. You can’t fake out an animal—why try to fake out a human being? Have open and honest relationships with people. They will respect you for it."

Audio-only version:

Keiley Abbat is an animal welfare advocate and proprietor of Small Wonders Pets supply store in Toronto.She began her career as a trainer specializing in aggressive behaviour in dogs. Keiley became fascinated with what the dog-human bond is, and why dogs behave the way they do in certain circumstances. Keiley started asking questions of owners about nutrition, environment, exercise, well before such ideas were even considered by the rest of the dog professional community. For the past 25 years plus, Keiley has been: one of the first to advocate a raw diet for dogs;  Director at the Ontario SPCA; key-note speaker at conferences regarding dog behaviour; President of one of Canada's first Dog Rescue Organizations; behaviour consultant for Canine legislative groups; member of the City of Toronto Animal Services Advisory Board; a liaison between City staff and dog owners regarding Off-Leash Areas, and in fact, a pioneer and advocate for Off-Leash Areas in Toronto for over 20 years; a consultant for Native communities within Canada, and governments in the Carribbean to help deal with Feral dog populations. Keiley has also extensively studied feral dog populations in the Oaxaca Pacific region in Mexico. As Proprietor of Small Wonders Pets in Toronto, a retail pet supply store whereby she seeks out the best food and products available for dogs and cats, with an emphasis on locally-produced, fair-trade and well-researched products for pets. Keiley still finds time to Foster dogs for Rescue Organizations….the two most recent are both disabled dogs needing wheelchairs.