Katia Millar

Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer, Positive Fabulous Women

Topics: Business & Finance
Interview Date: April-12-2012
Extraordinary Insights: “Know yourself, get clear on who you are, what you stand for and your values. When you have that clarity and you know how you want to show up in the world, everything will open up. Know thyself.”

Audio-only version:

Host Shannon Skinner sits down with Katia Millar, founder and chief inspirational officer, Positive Fabulous Women, and gets an update on the organization since Katia's first appearance on the show in September 2010.

About Katia Millar:

The end of her marriage in 2002 prompted Katia to re-assess her life. She began a personal journey of soul-searching and exploration. After spending 18-years in the publishing industry – working in marketing communications, project management and business development, she could no longer ignore the murmurings of her heart and its longing for meaning. She was ready to create a life where her strengths, passions, values and vision were aligned.

Despite her strong business background, Katia Millar launched Positive Fabulous Women™ in January of 2008 with no business plan, very little market research and minimal financial investment. It was a leap of faith, an instinctual drive and calling.  She wanted to create a space for heart-centered women entrepreneurs to come together and share their skills, experiences and resources. So she applied all of her people, business and technical skills to grow and develop this network. www.PositiveFabulousWomen.com