Kathleen Mailer

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Today's Businesswoman Magazine

Topics: Business & Finance
Interview Date: September-13-2011
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Kathleen D. Mailer, is Canada’s leading authority on self-publishing, author of How To Write & Publish Your Own Book: From Conception To Bookstore in 90 Days and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Today’s Businesswoman magazine.

Kathleen's mission is to “eradicate poverty in the nations,” starting at home, in Canada. Kathleen is leading a movement of entrepreneurs who have “purpose”—or as she likes to refer to it—a “ministry”.

“It is about building a relationship and caring for your clients. With that first and foremost in your mind, your success will follow!”

Through her workshops, teaching programs, resources and the magazine, Kathleen is elevating those who are in positions of leadership. She uses her This Business of Ministry—Blueprint to Success programs to create “Systemized Resource Centres” so that you can take care of business, while your business takes care of you.