Jody Steinhauer

Founder, President & Chief Bargain Officer, The Bargains Group Ltd.

Topics: Business & Finance, Charity & Humanitarian
Interview Date: June-07-2011
Extraordinary Insights: A smile can bring about a nugget of gold.

Audio-only version:

Jody Steinhauer, Founder, President and Chief Bargain Officer of The Bargains Group Ltd. used her skill and innovation to build a socially conscious, multi-million dollar business.

Jody graduated from the International Academy of Fashion, Merchandising & Design, receiving the President’s Pin for academic excellence and the Retail Council of Canada’s Award for most promising student. She learned and mastered many aspects of the clothing industry from sales and design to overseeing advertising, merchandising and distribution. In 1988, from her one bedroom apartment, Jody utilized her work experience and developed a business concept called The Bargains Group Ltd.

The Bargains Group is Canada’s favorite discount family clothing wholesaler of discount promotional products, $2.00 t-shirts, .50¢ socks, family clothing, accessories, personal hygiene products, gifts, towels & linens, toys and over 4000 other items at up to 80% off.

Extraordinary Insights:

"It’s all about attitude. Every day I look at everything in my life and encourage others with a big smile and positive outlook because the greatest opportunity that has come my way has come out of something that somebody else would have just walked away and be  negative about. I have looked at it with a smile and found a nugget of gold in it."