Janet Auty-Carlisle

Founder, Living la Vida Fearless Coaching

Topics: Business & Finance
Interview Date: September-11-2011
Extraordinary Insights: "Drop the word 'should,' because it doesn’t serve you. It is a value from somebody else placed upon you."

Audio-only version:

Janet Auty Carlisle is the founder of Living la Vida Fearless Coaching Services. Janet can also be found at her community on Zoomers.ca. She speaks to women 45 and older who are  in transition about the elephant in the room -- the fear of failure or success.

When Janet was 40, she was told that she had early onset Parkinson`disease. This led to the collapse of her business as her partners would not allow Janet to remain in the business after the diagnosis. This created many new challenges for Janet, including how to live with a chronic illness, but she persevered. Always taking a leadership role in her life this was no different and so Janet began a series of international conferences and fund-raising programs for people with Parkinsons and their care givers. It was at one of these conferences six years after her diagnosis that Janet learned what she and her family had thought for some time: the diagnosis was wrong and Janet had been taking Parkinson medications needlessly for six years.

At 48, Janet returned to school and spent the next two years working on her Certified Professional Co-active Coaching certificate through the Coaches Training Institute. Now 7 years later Janet empowers women to empower themselves.

Janet dedicates this interview to her friend, Susan Ryan, who was murdered by her husband on Nov 8 2008.