Ivy Ackerman

Founder, Butter and Egg Road Travel Club

Topics: Business
Interview Date: July-3-2012
Extraordinary Insights: "Do not to be afraid to fail, because even if you fail, that is a growing opportunity and it will help you succeed the next time. "

Audio-only version:

Propelled by a passion for travel, food and art, Ivy Ackerman created Butter and Egg Road, a new travel-inspired private members club for the curious class.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Ivy has dedicated most of her life to studying, practicing and working in the arts – and often traveling across the world to do so. Whether it was studying art history in Paris, examining Bernini’s architectural wonders while living in Rome, completing her Masters in Performing Arts Management at New York University, or working with two of Toronto’s most prestigious concert halls, Roy Thompson Hall and Massey Hall, Ivy considers herself a “global arts patron.”

Before launching Butter and Egg Road, Ivy managed TELUS’ arts and culture portfolio, working with such notable Toronto organizations as Luminato, Ontario Science Centre, The Royal Conservatory and Soulpepper Theatre.

Targeting well-traveled, culturally savvy, fellow food lovers, Butter and Egg Road is a new private traveling supper club.  Bringing travelers and locals together in intimate dining and cultural experiences on the road and in the cities we love, the Butter and Egg Road philosophy is to be a local anywhere. More on Butter and Egg Road at www.butterandeggroad.com