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I have heard it said that most women do not reach their full potential until their fifties. It seems for many women, it takes five decades of living to develop self-confidence or self-worth. It also seems to take that number of years to develop an attitude of not being concerned about what people think of them.

I have also heard it said that until we stop being worried or concerned about what others think of us, we will not become who we can truly be in this world.

The adage “life is a journey” rings true. Our life story unfolds like reading a book: word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, one chapter after another, from start to finish.

When we make a major change in our lives, usually the decision is a culmination of life events and experiences, like reading a story, that brings us to the proverbial aha moment: the one that seems to take a quick snapshot of our entire past and synthesize it with our heart’s desires and vision for the future.

The aha moment that changed Pat Mussieux‘s life and put her on the path of helping women entrepreneurs achieve success was the evening she turned 50. At her 50th birthday party, her two step-children spoke fondly about Pat to family and friends who gathered to celebrate (it was a surprise party). At that point in time, Pat was experiencing an unfulfilled marriage.

Pat Musseiux interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraorinary Women TV, special report

photo credit: Pat Mussieux

Something in her that night shifted.

The woman who previously ran a half-marathon a year and had a range of business skills, made a conscious decision to change her life.

At the age of 50, she began to fully realize her potential. Over the next few years, she divorced, moved across the country, re-established her business, wrote a book, established a relationship with her mother (who was estranged), and traveled around the globe on a private plane.

But, change is not often easy, and the road was a challenging one. She found mentors and harnessed her business skills, and worked on changing her mindset and attitude with new tools and techniques. She transformed her life; creating success and happiness.

When someone transforms their life, it does not go unnoticed. Pat’s friends asked what her secrets were and, once they started to use them in their lives with positive results, the “new” gutsy and determined Pat knew she was on to something. That “something” has helped many other women entrepreneurs create successful businesses.

I caught up with Pat Mussieux at the Ignite ‘n’ Connect event in Toronto. In this on-location interview with Pat, she gives some insights about why many women entrepreneurs do not succeed in business and provides some real solutions – check out the VIDEO (below):

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