INTERVIEW: Leah Eichler, women and the workplace [video]

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing award-winning editor and celebrated columnist, Leah Eichler. Her weekly career advice column in Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, takes a refreshing and insightful perspective on issues that women face in today’s workplace.

She is not only talented, bright and attractive, she has a subtle boldness that is as refreshing as her insights.

Eichler started her journalism career in Jerusalem and she once dreamed of being a war correspondent. When Eichler returned to Canada, she cajoled her way into a job at Reuters (now Thomson Reuters) and was later challenged with the responsibility of bringing the 150-year-old wire service into the digital age.

In 2012, armed with experience and knowledge about the digital media — and with a hope and a dream — she started her own digital media and technology business: Femme-O-Nomics. Most recently, she launched r/ally – an innovative social media app that helps women reach professional goals and build stronger business relationships.

I invite you to watch my interview with Leah Eichler on Extraordinary Women TV (video below):