INTERVIEW: Jennifer Ettinger on the goddess and beauty within [VIDEO]

Have you ever met that kind of woman who radiates beauty from her inner core? You know, the one who attracts your attention with an easy, bright smile and has a centered nature and calming effect?

Jennifer Ettinger is one of those women.

I initially connected with Ettinger through Facebook some time ago and was intrigued by her work that focuses on helping women find their inner beauty. Months later, I had the opportunity to meet her in person as we both were speakers at the Toronto Women’s Expo in December. When I learned more about her personal journey, I knew I had to interview her.

Ettinger’s drive stems from her struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and having been bedridden and overweight. She found whatever it takes from a dark place deep inside to overcome her physical limitations and lead what is now a highly active, productive and meaningful life. Today, she is the founder of Fit Your Style, a lifestyle boutique which encourages women to find their inner beauty. She is also the author of Find Your Inner Goddesss, a contributor to Chloe Magazine, a regular TV contributor and has her own regional TV show “Fit Your Style” on Rogers TV. She is also a National Brand Ambassador for New Balance, a brand that resonates with her quest to help women get fit inside and out.

If you wish to find your “inner goddess” — that beauty from within — I invite you to watch my interview with Jennifer Ettinger on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner (video below):