Honouring Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron was the Queen of Romantic Comedy (Rom-Com). As a writer and director, she somehow knew how to drill down into her own pain and joy, and magically pull out a story that made us laugh — and cry: the perfect combination of emotions that make a good story.

Much has been written today about her life — and it was a big life, filled with a long list of accomplishments.  When I read that she had died, I was saddened because she inspired me. And, as a writer, I deeply resonate with the writer in her. In an odd way, I felt as though a part of me had died.

I had read a lot of Ephron’s work over the years. When I wrote the first draft of a romantic comedy screenplay, I looked to Ephron for inspiration and the key to a successful script. I studied the script When Harry Met Sally, and could really see Ephron in the character of Sally.

After reading I Feel Bad About My Neck, I thought about my neck in ways I had not thought of before. I started to see the aging process.

As a writer, she has been compared to Dorothy Parker, another writer I admire. I respect them both for their talent and drive — and style.

A number of friends have asked me today what I will be doing for the upcoming long weekend. I think I will watch When Harry Met Sally one more time. I never tire of it.

Thanks, Nora, for the inspiration.