Highlights from La Ronge, Saskatchewan

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking at a conference for women in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, my home province. The conference was organized by Visions North Community Futures and focused on providing women with skills and tools to help them in their work and personal lives. It was nice to be back in my home province and especially fantastic to visit La Ronge, which is the most northern destination in Canada I have traveled to. Before I gave my talk, in the wee hours of dawn, I managed to capture Lac Range in all its glory.



Sunrise over Lac Ra Ronge. Is there nothing more inspiring than watching the sun, the very thing that gives us life and energy? The sunrise over the lake is stunning.

La Ronge trees sunrise


Trees glowing along Lac La Ronge at sunrise

La Ronge is the southern most point in Canada’s Far North where the paved roads end and, well, after that you are on your own.



La Ronge has a large First Nations community and the richness of the culture can be experienced from the people, in nature, and also in the local art. This sculpture stands in a park along the lake, as was also captured at sunrise.


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