Gloria Martin

Entertainment Editor, 680 News and Rogers Radio National

Topics: Arts & Entertainment
Interview Date: May-28-2013
Extraordinary Insights: You've got to have confidence and believe in yourself. This is something I learned from my mother who, as I was growing up, constantly said: "Love yourself." I didn't know what she meant then, but now I do. She meant having confidence in yourself and that does not mean entitlement. A lot of young people today feel entitled, but it's a different thing to feel confident.

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As the entertainment editor for 680News, Gloria Martin’s work day can often be a star-studded affair that involves talking to celebrities like Oprah, Channing Tatum, Matthew McConnaughey,Tom Cruise, LL Cool J, Daniel Radcliffe, Colin Farrell and more. Gloria is known for drawing out the best in celebrity interviews with her easy going conversational style.  She shares the latest inside scoops on Hollywood antics with 680News listeners and Rogers radio stations across the country. She’s also seen on CITYNews Channel. Her take on premiere theatre events and musical revues is second to none, giving her loyal audience a valued “head’s up” on what’s hot and what’s not. Wondering which movie to see this weekend? Gloria keeps listeners up to date on all the week’s new movies, DVD, blu ray  and digital releases. Gloria received an honourary star from Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2010 for her decades long support of Canadian talent. Her interests include cooking, gardening, Yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and spending time on gorgeous Manitoulin Island. Gloria has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre from York University and her background includes writing and performing for TV and stage. Her favourite charities include The Famous PEOPLE Players, The Mary Centre, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto and the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association.

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Jul 01 2013

Gloria Martin

Entertainment Editor at 680 News and Rogers Radio National, Gloria Martin, discusses her long career in entertainment and gives us some insight into some of the celebrities she has Oprah.