Globetrotting with expert Dr. John Demartini: Travel Tips

The World
Living a global life is a mindset that requires developing good travel habits. I asked seasoned globetrotter, Dr. John Demartini, one of the world’s leading experts on human behavior, international author and educator, for his secrets to global living.

A renowned polymath, Demartini travels the world speaking, writing, researching and teaching. Every year, he travels to 45-60 countries, at an estimated annual cost of $500,000, and has logged a whopping 17 million miles. When not on the road, he lives on a ship, The World, a floating luxury condominium that visits 150-200 ports annually.

“My life is travel,” says Demartini, who was hijacked on a plane from Miami to Peru, has shared an aircraft with goats and chickens, and was mistaken to be a terrorist on a flight to Tel Aviv. “My existence is simple; I go from city to city.”

At age 21, Demartini had a vision of speaking to a million people from a balcony, and visiting every country and city. Now, at 62, he has spoken all over the world, including Greece’s Amphitheater. He is so travel-efficient that he can pack and unpack his bags, and organize his items in hotels, in 4 minutes.

1. SS: What is in your travel bag?

JD: I have four bags, including one for my computer, gratitude journal and harmonica; a research bag containing 7-20 books and magazines; and two Tumi bags that have 6-8 suits, mix and match shirts and shoes, and accessories.

2. SS: How do you stay productive?

JD: When I am standing in line, I read. In club lounges, limos and airplanes, I pull out my computer or read. I don’t have much down time. I am able to produce wherever I am, except when checking in, or going through customs/immigration and security. I have no downtime at hotels with the exception of business meetings and dinners. I work into the wee hours of the morning.

3. SS: How do you eat healthily?

JD: I can usually find yogurt, fresh fruit and multi-grain bread in every country. Regardless of what is on the menu, I can usually get steamed veggies and fish, or soup.
On my ship, I can get whatever I want. On flights and in club lounges, I may not always get what I prefer, but can get healthy food.

4. SS: What do you do for exercise?

JD: While flying, I stretch, do neck rolls and exercises. At the hotel, I do light calisthenics like swimming or surfing. When I’m teaching workshops, I stretch and move my feet to keep my veins pumping to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

5. SS: How do you cope with jetlag?

JD: I don’t get jetlag as long as I rest. If I can’t sleep, I meditate because I can get by on meditation.

6. SS: What is your secret to living a global life?

JD: Ever since I was 21, I’ve said the affirmation: The Universe is my playground, the world is my home, every country is a room in the house, every city is a platform that I share my heart and soul. I envisioned an astronomical vision and a global life.

7. SS: Greatest challenge?

JD: When airlines overbook flights.

The World
8. SS: Favourite destination?

JD: I love being on my ship because it goes to every destination. I don’t know a better address on earth.

9. SS: Best advice for travelers?

JD: Think out your travel things and what is the most efficient way of doing it. Make sure you have a back-up of toiletries, underwear and shirts in case your bag is re-routed to the next city. And be mindful and carry a checklist at security to ensure you get your stuff.

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