Ersillia Serafini

CEO, Summerhill

Topics: Eco, Beauty & Fashion, Business & Finance, Health & Fitness
Interview Date: February-22-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Women influence 95% of all purchasing decisions and have the power to make better choices.

Audio-only version:

Ersilia Serafiniis the CEO of Summerhill, a Toronto-based organization that develops and executes strategies that move the market toward better choices for consumers and the environment.  Summerhill has offices in Montreal and Regina, and has 65 full time staff and over 2,200 part-time program representatives employed for program delivery across Canada. 

Extraordinary Insights:

"Encourage women to feel empowered about their ability to drive change in their purchasing decisions. They influence 95 per cent of all purchasing decisions, so we have the power to make a better choice."