Jun 02 2012

Erica Lemieux

Urban farmer and founder, City Seed Farms

Topics: Eco, Business
Interview Date: May-15-2012
Extraordinary Insights: "Have a positive attitude. The difference between 'Can I do it?' and 'I can do it' is huge. Believe in yourself and you can get what you want done."

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Erica Lemieux is the founder and owner of City Seed Farms, the first bicycle-powered backyard farming business in Toronto.  Last summer, she operated in ten backyards and sold at a farmers market in the west end. Erica has worked extensively in both rural and urban settings, completing her farm management certificate with Everdale's Farmers Growing Farmers in the winter of 2011.  She has a degree in Environmental and Agricultural Science from McGill. In the past year, she has been profiled in the Toronto Star, the National Post, Yonge St. Media, and CBC's Metro Morning. She is incorporating her business with a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies at York University.