Emma-Jayne Wilson


Topics: Women in Sports
Interview Date: June 27, 2014
Extraordinary Insights: "As a female entering any male dominated industry, look beyond that. Don't focus on 'you're a woman,' just be the person in the game. Lead by example, have a good work ethic, be your own coach or teacher, and be willing to learn."

On September 14, 2001, Emma-Jayne Wilson wrote a note to herself. She promised that she would make it as a jockey no matter what it took for her to succeed.

Six years later, on the night before her winning ride aboard Mike Fox in the Queen’s Plate and in only her third year of race-riding, Emma-Jayne found that piece of paper lodged in the pages of a book about women in racing. “I remember writing it, so I read it again that night for inspiration,” she said.

Inspiration is just one word to describe what Emma-Jayne has given to horseracing fans, young and old, everywhere, especially at Woodbine racetrack in Rexdale, Ontario where she began her riding career. Intensely competitive, determined and dedicated is her mantra. She’s also a natural lightweight and an accomplished horseperson. Those qualities have launched her to the top of the jockey ranks in North America and made her a natural fit in million-dollar races and big events all over the world.

Emma-Jayne Wilson: Blog

Nov 29 2014

Emma-Jayne Wilson

Jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson talks about being the first female jockey to win the coveted Queen's Plate and her rise to success.