Dr. Vivien Brown

Physician/V.P. MEDISYS

Topics: Health & Fitness
Interview Date: July 23, 2013
Extraordinary Insights:

Vivien Brown MDCM, CCFP, FCFP, NCMP is a family physician in Toronto and is the Vice President for MEDISYS Health Group, Inc., in charge of Medical Affairs as well as a physician with Medisys in Toronto.

Educated at McGill University, she currently is appointed to the Department of Family & Community Medicine at both the University of Toronto and at McMaster University. She teaches medical students, residents and is highly respected for her work in continuing medical education for family doctors.

As a NAMS certified Menopause Practitioner, Vivien is the Chair of the Consumer Education Committee for NAMS. As an expert in Menopause, she is influential in numerous advisory boards, helping to edit teaching modules for the SOGC aimed at both practicing physicians and the public at large.

An award winner for teaching on many levels, Vivien’s major interests are in the area of health promotion and prevention for women, and continuing medical education. She is particularly focused in the area of Adult Immunization and Vaccine Preventable Illness. In 2009, she won the prestigious Enid Johnson MacLeod Award from the Federation of Medical Women of Canada for teaching in women’s health and has just been bestowed a great honour by the College of Family Physicians by being awarded “Physician of the Year” for the region of Toronto.

Vivien has lectured locally, nationally and internationally on preventative medicine and implementation issues around vaccination. She currently is the Toronto Branch President of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada, serving on their Board of Directors, linking female physicians, students and residents throughout the country.