Dr. Nicola Bird

Dr. Nicola Bird, Psychotherapist

Topics: Relationships, Health & Fitness
Interview Date: August-30-2011
Extraordinary Insights: "Plug in to your brilliance. Focus on what you can do so that when you get into self-doubt, you can overcome your negative thoughts by focusing on the positive."

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Nicola Bird, Ph.D. is a new generation, visionary psychotherapist who pioneered a groundbreaking approach to personal transformation and brain retraining. After seeing the same patterns in herself and her clients, she created a powerful system for self-empowerment. During her almost 20-years of practice, she's helped people to breakthrough their negative tapes. Her one-of-a-kind method gives people the tools to free themselves from limitations and fears and empower their lives. Nicola received her doctorate from the University of Toronto. She is the author of “The Boomerang Effect: How You Can Take Charge of Your Life.”