Apr 24 2012

Dr. Adrienne McRuvie

Chiropractor & Doula

Topics: Health & Fitness
Interview Date: March-06-2012
Extraordinary Insights: "Inspired from 'The Four Agreements:' be impeccable with your word. Do what you say and say what you mean, and silence is sometimes as important as words.”

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I am continuously trying to find new ways to combine my yoga, chiropractic and doula training. These three areas all promote the creation of life: chiropractic, by unlocking our innate potentials, yoga by creating an efficient working system; and the role of a doula to create ease in the presence of new life.

Prior to chiropractic, I trained as a Reflexolgist, Reiki Therapist and Yoga teacher. It was the study of yoga that peaked my interest in the body and spawned my interest in chiropractic. I continue to teach yoga and provide yoga therapy through working with individuals with Autism and Cerebral P