Did the ‘coolest cop ever’ miss his calling?

I love this news story.

A young band had set up their musical instruments for a jam session at their campsite in the woods near Lethbridge, Alberta. An RCMP member surprised them when he showed up in his cruiser. The band members thought they were in trouble. But, as it turns out, the officer just wanted to take part in the jam session.

coolest cop ever drumming in woods

So the officer — Const. Doug Sokoloski — played the guitar and then he hammered on the drums. The band managed to grab those few entertaining moments on video and posted it on YouTube, the news outlets caught on, and the story made the news all over — and a very popular YouTube video called the “Coolest cop ever playing drums in the woods.”

What I love this video is the officer’s expression on his face when he is done. He enjoyed every minute of it.

Furthermore, a comment he made to the musicians after his jam session gives us a glimpse into his life: “I can’t wait to retire, grow my hair long and be a citizen again.” My sense is this “coolest officer ever” — at least at one time in his life — had a dream to be a musician. Maybe he had a big dream. Maybe he dreamed of being a big-hair rock star. He obviously has experience and, arguable, talent. But, did he follow his dream? If not, why not?

I don’t know the answer; only the officer does.

The lesson I got from this story: it is never to late to listen to your heart and follow your dream.

Watch the “coolest cop ever playing drums in the woods” video.

Do you think the officer missed his calling and, if so, should he pursue a musical career?

photo: (YouTube)