Creativity’s dirty little secret

I have a secret to tell you…

A dirty mind is great for creativity.

It has been long understood that creativity and sex are linked. Lovers often express their feelings and desires through creative forms, such as poetry, love letters and painting, regardless of whether it is amateur or masterful works.

1249095_71334214Think about the time when you first met your spouse, a new flame or the hot guy/girl you bumped into while on vacation. You probably had energy and passion that drove you wild, and you likely did double the amount of work you would ordinarily. Instead of taking two hours to churn out a report for your boss or client, it took you only one hour to hammer it out because you had other more, how shall I say, interesting things to do.

Sexual energy and creative energy are so strongly connected that they impact each other profoundly – this is pure biology, chemistry and physics in cahoots with one another. Sexual energy fuels inspiration and passion, and when harnessed and properly channeled is a pleasurable and powerful means to motivate us creatively.

I had once read that some professional athletes have been known to avoid sex at least 24 hours prior to competition, so they can harness their pent-up sexual energy for that important game. The ancient Greek athletes (originally only men were allowed to compete) were so serious about the Olympic championships they did not touch a woman, or another man, for at least one week prior to their game in order to keep the “inner flame” lit.

There are many well-known artists who have consciously embraced their sexuality and directed that energy toward creating their art masterpieces. Think of the artist Toulouse-Lautrec, who turned his sexuality into his now-famous classic portrayal of Parisian nightlife. Writer John Cheever is alleged to have believed sex improved his writing as well as his eyesight – talk about great insight.

In the business world, people who work together and are physically attracted to each other are usually more productive because there is a “charge” that fuels their creative energy. It can be an electrical experience reaping amazing results. Consider the number of television dramas and soap operas that are built on this dynamic. Chances are you probably know of someone who married a person they met while working together.

Here are some ideas on how you can harness your sexual energy to help channel it toward your creative dreams and ultimately get them off the ground:

1. Plan Romantic Nights Out with Your Mate: With some organization and planning, take your mate out on special occasions that enable you to become more intimate with one another, such as candlelight dinner or simply a walk on the beach. Above all, make it fun.

2. Enjoy Some Aphrodisiacs: In a recent study, scientists discovered a regular daily apple intake can boost sexual pleasure in healthy women. There are a number of other foods that are believed to help get you “in the mood,” such as oysters and chocolate. For naysayers, there is no harm in giving it a go, right?

3. Relax and De-Stress: We all know that too much stress is taxing on our health and productivity, but it can also impact our sexual energy and creativity. So find ways to de-stress. If at all possible, find ways to do this together with your mate, like couples yoga, where it can add to your intimacy.

4. Mind the Alcohol: Although a few drinks might remove inhibitions and get you in the mood, the name of the game here is to harness your sexual energy to become more creative and make that creative dream happen. Difficult to do with a hangover. So do not overdo it.

And so, experiment with your sexual energy and creativity, and determine what works best for you. You never know where that blend of these powerful forces will take your creative mind and talent.

(based on an excerpt from “The Whispering Heart: Your Inner Guide to Creativity,” by Shannon Skinner)

* photo courtesy of cjhallman

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