Barbara Schreiner-Trudel

CEO, Joy Here and Now / Speaker and Joy Coach

Topics: Health & Fitness, Relationships, Business & Finance
Interview Date: September-13-2011
Extraordinary Insights: "Live in the now. This 'now' moment is the only point of power. To be powerful is to be present."

Audio-only version:

For 12.5 years Barbara Schreiner-Trudel has been speaking and teaching thousands of people to live in joy. She has inspired people to create new careers, experience greater fulfillment, freedom, and peace of mind. Barbara has the capacity to create a safe environment for participants, and people leave her presentations inspired to take action. Barbara shares the tools necessary to shift lives into a place of real and lasting joy.

 Barbara has lived in poverty and wealth, experienced the trials of teen parenting and the joy of having her fourth child at age 48, she has been in a violent marriage and is currently happily married, Barbara has been a single mom and is now enjoying the shared responsibility of parenting, Barbara was a high school drop out and went on to college in her 30’s, she has gone from being angry to being a loving peaceful individual and the bonus for anyone listening to her is she can relate to your story, she changed her life and she can help you to do the same for yourself.

 Barbara has earned the prestigious President’s Award for Southam Inc, for outstanding contribution to the company. She worked as a cashier in a drug store, advertising with the Calgary Herald for ten years, at age 30 went to college to study Journalism, she produced and hosted two cable television shows, “Women In Crisis” a live, phone-in show and “The Barbara Schreiner Show” a variety show, and had a successful real estate career, she Founded the Centre for Spiritual Living, Toronto, and served as Spiritual Director for 11 years. Barbara is the founder and currently serves as CEO of Joy Here and Now.