Ariel Garten

Co-Founder/CEO, InteraXon

Topics: Technology, Business & Finance, Arts, Science
Interview Date: October-02-2012
Extraordinary Insights: "Do not worry about the outcomes and only think about the thing you want to do. It’s easy to think about something you want to achieve and then think about all the barriers in your way. If you do that, it may be likely that you won't try to do any of these things because the barriers seem so huge. But, in essence, you can accomplish anything you want. You can overcome any barrier. Think about the goal and as soon as you reach the barrier, understand what you need to do to solve it and don't pile up too many on top of one another."

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If there ever was a gap between science, art, business and technology, Ariel Garten has closed it. Her work converts the workings of the mind into tangible solutions. Ariel has researched at the Krembil Neuroscience Institute studying hippocampal neurogenesis, displayed work at the Art Gallery of Ontario, DeLeon White Gallery, and opened Toronto Fashion Week. The intersections of these diverse interests have culminated into various lectures with topics such as “The Neuroscience of Aesthetics” and “The Neuroscience of Conflict, featured on TVO's Big Ideas. Referred to as the “Brain Guru” by Now Magazine, CBC Radio and the Toronto Star, Ariel also works as a practicing psychotherapist. Previously, she was a fashion designer and owner of a boutique, and has a run a successful real estate business.

Ariel Garten: Blog

Oct 30 2012

Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner Co-Founder/CEO, InteraXon, brain guru Ariel Gartner discusses her cool tech company that created thought-controlled programming. Powered by brainwaves.