Andrea Lown


Topics: Business, Relationships
Interview Date: August-21-2012
Extraordinary Insights: With everyone on social media, people need to think about the connections in the real world and not just online. I challenge myself with something I call the 3 foot rule: whenever someone comes within 3 feet of me, whether it's in the grocery store or subway, I tell them about Smart Bride and to make a real-life connection, which has turned into amazing opportunities.

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Andrea Lown is the founding partner of The wedding classifieds website helps brides create the wedding of their dreams on a realistic budget without sacrificing designer names or fabulous style. After working as National Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager and Product Manager at AOL Canada, Andrea’s breadth of experience in digital media has proven to be an asset in the development and growth of SmartBride Boutique. Andrea launched into the whirlwind of the wedding industry after planning her own wedding in four short months. A true internet aficionado, Andrea searched online for a dress that could be ready and altered in time. Unsatisfied with the "department store" atmosphere of other online classified sites, Andrea drew upon her years of online marketing experience, product development and strategic partnerships to develop an accessible wedding website for buyers and sellers across North America.