social entrepreneur

May 04 2014

Roxanne Joyal

Roxanne Joyal interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Co-CEO, Me to We

Me to We co-CEO, Roxanne Joyal, chats about this innovative social enterprise that empowers young people to actively participate in international development. more...

Dec 15 2011

Martha Deacon

Martha Deacon interviewed by Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Founder, The Townships Projects

Martha Deacon is the founder and CEO of The Townships Project, created in late 1998 in response to then President Nelson Mandela’s challenge to do something about the poverty in his country. The Townships Project, a Canadian registered charity, has worked for 13 years with local microfinance organizations in South Africa to extend small loans to start or expand small businesses, always exploring how to make these loans more effective in the fight against poverty. more...

Aug 07 2011

Jody Steinhauer

Jody Steinhauer, Bargains Group, interviewed on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Founder, President & Chief Bargain Officer, The Bargains Group Ltd.

Jody Steinhauer is the Founder, President and Chief Bargain Officer of The Bargains Group Ltd., who used her skill and innovation to build a socially conscious, multi-million dollar business. She is based in Toronto. more...

Jun 26 2011

Janet King

Janet King,, interviewed on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

President & Founder,

Janet King is the president & founder of, a national group mentoring charity based in Toronto. more...