Aug 08 2012

Marie Lorenzo

Marie Lorenzo interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Chair, Board of Directors, Women's Healthy Environments Network (WHEN)

Marie Lorenzo is the chair of the Board of Women's Healthy Environments Network (WHEN). In this interview, she discusses why women are the change agents, why many everyday products and foods are dangerous to your health, and what women can do today to have a more healthy environment. more...

Jul 08 2012

Heather Dubbeldam

Heather Dubbeldam interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Principal, Dubbeldam Design Architects

Heather Dubbeldam is an award-winning architect. In this interview, she demystifies what an architect does and discusses the importance of sustainability, eco living, and why there are not more women in the field -- and what she is doing to change that. more...

Jun 02 2012

Erica Lemieux

Erica Lemieux interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Urban farmer and founder, City Seed Farms

Erica Lemieux is an urban farmer and founder, City Seed Farms. Find out how this urban farmer came up with the idea of using the backyards of neighbours in the Toronto area, and turning it into a sustainable farming business. more...

Aug 08 2011

Kelly Drennan

Kelly Drennan interviewed on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Founder, Fashion Takes Action

Kelly Drennan is the Founder of Fashion Takes Action, a national non-profit organization that works with fashion based businesses to help them become more sustainable. more...