Once confirmed as a guest, please provide the following:

  • professional bio
  • professional headshot (high resolution, colour, cropped to dimensions 90 x 65 pixels; and background whitened plus a thin black border)
  • if you have a new book that you are promoting, please provide Shannon with an sample chapter or excerpt in advance

 Producer’s Phone: Producer’s cell is (416) 576-8809.

Good to Know Minute: Shannon’s regular segment when she asks her guests for their “top success tip” – in under 60 seconds. Please prepare for it.


  1. Choose a camera-friendly colour:  Ideal colours are jewel tones. AVOID wearing all-white.
  2. Your wardrobe should reflect the mood or tone of your message. Is your message of a serious nature? Is it more entertaining?
  3. Jewelry:  Avoid anything that makes noise or dangles, as it may interfere with the microphone.
  4. Do not wear outfits with busy patterns: Checkers, houndstooth, stripes (particularly pinstripes) look like they are “moving” on camera. Solid colours are best.
  5. Do not wear short skirts or dresses:  Remember, when you sit, your hemline moves up.
  6. Be cautious about the heels of your shoes: Your shoes will not appear much in the interview, however, be aware that there are cables on the studio floor in many areas.

HAIR AND MAKE-UP TIPS: Thanks to our cosmetics sponsor, Jordane Cosmetics, we have make-up and artists on-hand. We encourage you to get your hair done before hand. We recommend booking a complimentary appointment with “The Private World of Mary Tripi” hair salon in Yorkville, who provides Shannon’s hair services.

If in doubt, ask Shannon in advance.