Jennifer Ettinger

Founder, Fit Your Style

Topics: Health & Fitness
Interview Date: January-22-2013
Extraordinary Insights: "Body awareness leads to body confidence, which resonates a body beautiful. So if you break that down, you become aware of what you love about your body, you become aware of what you don't like for your body, you work on those things, you start to become confident internally and externally with who you are, which then shows that goddess glow -- radiance -- that you've become body confidence beautiful."

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Jennifer Ettinger’s dedication to helping women stems from her own triumph over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and being bedridden and overweight. Today, she is the founder of Fit Your Style, a lifestyle boutique which encourages women to find their inner beauty.

She is the author of "Find Your Inner Goddesss," is a regular contributor to Chloe Magazine, a regional TV contributor with the segment “Life and Style with Fit Your Style”. Her own regional TV show “Fit Your Style” is on Rogers TV,  and she is a National Brand Ambassador for New Balance, a brand that resonates with her quest to help women get fit inside and out.

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Mar 07 2013

Jennifer Ettinger

Jennifer Ettinger interviewed on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner Fitness & Style Expert, and Founder, Fit Your Style, Jennifer Ettinger talks about finding your inner beauty.


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